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Club Training gives more people the opportunity to sample the benefits of personal training and experience the difference that personal training can make to their training programme. Our website allows all visitors to book a trial personal training session with a personal trainer of their choice in an area of their choosing. Personal training session rates vary between personal trainers based on their location and qualifications / experience. Last Minute Training offers half price deals on personal training sessions at off-peak times subject to availability with specific personal trainers.

Find a Personal Trainer

All our Personal Trainers can be found on the Find a Personal Trainer page or on the Club Training Map. The Club Training Map is designed to be your easy access route to discovering the benefits of personal training and the availability of personal trainers in your area. We have the largest database of personal trainers in the UK, specifically grouped so that you can search for Personal Trainers by specialty and location. Our Find a Personal Trainer page sorts trainers using fields of your choice including knowledge, price, experience and popularity. Each personal trainer also has their own personal training profile that shows feedback from personal training clients based on their experiences of personal training sessions with their personal trainer. Why not take this time to find the top personal trainers in your area find out more about the personal trainers at your health club.

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Club Training is passionate about Personal Training and our team has a wealth of experience and expertise in the health and fitness industry. Whether you are a personal trainer looking for a personal training job, you want to become a personal trainer, a personal training manager looking to recruit personal trainers or an individual requiring personal training, Club Training can help find the right personal trainer for you.

Finding a Personal Training Job with Club Training

Club Training can offer you a Personal Training job at one of over 200 health clubs. When you signup with Club Training we can offer you our recruitment service that specialises in helping all types of personal trainer find their ideal personal training job. Personal trainers can also use the Club Training Map to search for personal trainer jobs local to them. Club Training also offers its own personal training jobs page that lists all available personal trainer jobs.

Recruit Personal Trainers for your Health Club

Club Training will help source the right personal trainers for your business. Our national recruitment team interviews over 300 qualified personal trainers each month throughout the UK. If you are a manager of a health club, corporate gym or Personal Training studio and you would like to develop a team of personal trainers in your club(s), Club Training has everything you will need. Club training also offers all personal training venues an opportunity to recruit personal trainers by putting their venue on the Training Map.